Royal Jewelers   4505 Shelbyville Rd 101 Louisville,KY40207   (502) 895-9934
Royal Jewelers
4505 Shelbyville Rd 101
LouisvilleKY 40207
 (502) 895-9934

Reviews Of Royal Jewelers

4.96 57 Reviews
Sara Garrett Martin
Jan 06, 2018

I always recommend friends and family to go to Royal Jewelers. It’s a family business and local-the quality is way better than your typical “chain” retailers. The staff there are patient and will work with you to give you the best quality at a great price!

Sandy Wieman-Morrow
Jan 03, 2018

Great place to badger were you can trust from a family that loves their customers!

Joyce Culberson
Dec 22, 2017

My custom made anniversary ring from Royal Jewelers is gorgeous. Rose gold diamond ring with a vintage look is just what I wanted. But the best thing about Royal Jewelers is the staff. It's like working with family. Missy was wonderful in helping me look, select, and customize my ring. Then Lynn's detail with quality of diamond and craftsmanship finished the ring to perfection.

Loreal Gavin
Dec 08, 2017

Melissa Sherrill Alford
Sep 02, 2017

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